Sunday, April 8, 2018

Are We Ever Really Done With Self Care?

I have been on the healing path for well over a decade and I can tell you that healing is a journey, not a destination.  Why would you want to be static in life rather than moving forward?  I remember telling one of my clients last week that when I first started receiving professional body work years ago, before becoming a massage therapist, I expected one session to permanently fix me for good.  At that time, I was younger and not used to having anything wrong with me, so expecting it to be short and sweet made sense to me at the time.  Also, when I had my level 2 reiki class ten years ago, that's when the real healing began and is still happening to this day.

Up until I had my level 2 reiki class, I knew nothing about healing at a deeper level than the physical body.  After I had my level 2 reiki attunements, a lot of non physical issues started coming to the surface all at once.  Even then, I was naive enough to believe that one or two reiki sessions should be enough to get rid of everything.  Again, I wasn't used to being aware of anything needing to be addressed in the first place.  Heck, I was even naive enough to believe that being able to do reiki on myself was a substitute for having a reiki session with a professional and wondered who in their right mind would spend money on reiki sessions instead of just taking the class.  At that time, I had not had enough exposure to body work to understand the benefit and value that it really holds.  I have had reiki masters help me get through difficult issues that I would have never been able to address on my own.  They found stuff that I never knew was there such as self sabotage, energetic components to physicals pain, past trauma, etc.

Fast forward several years when I got into tapping.  My first exposure to tapping was books and videos.  I did a lot of tapping on my own that was very powerful and I noticed immediate shifts.  I met a tapping coach at a networking group and enjoyed chatting it up with her.  Again, I did not understand the value and benefit of working one on one with a tapping coach.  I honestly thought that tapping on my own was enough.  Well it turned out that she was in need of my services.  If I had not had the opportunity to get to know her as a client, I probably still would not have been able to understand what she could do for me.  I started seeing her for intense sessions.  She found stuff that I would have never found in 1000 years of tapping on my own.  She specializes in helping small business owners move forward.  Several weeks of intense sessions with her lead to clients just showing up without having done any marketing.  People finding me in ways that didn't make sense such as referrals from people that I didn't even know.

Fast forward to today:  I am still tapping on my own and doing daily self reiki treatments.  All of this self work hasn't been a substitute for professional services, but it has saved me a ton of time and money on how often I need professional services.  Healing is a process.  Healing happens in layers and not all of those layers can be healed at the same time.  Your body needs time to adapt in between whatever self care you are doing.  My motivation for keeping up on self care:  I feel like crap if I don't do it.

If money is a factor that scares you off from regular professional services, here is one tidbit to keep in mind:  The more self care you do on your own from home, the less money you have to spend on professional services because you may not need to go as often.  You will always have self care to do if you want to maintain results.  There is no such thing as doing therapeutic exercise for 2 weeks and then being done.  The most challenging clients that I have treated are those who don't change a thing about their lifestyles in between appointments.  I am currently in an online tapping program continuing to release stuff I did not know was there 10 years later.  Why?  Because everyone deserves me at my best and I value myself.

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