Sunday, July 30, 2017

Do You See Your Therapist As Healer Or Facilitator?

This is a very important question to ask yourself. Seeing your therapist as a healer gives away your power to your therapist. Seeing your therapist as a facilitator empowers you. One of my mottos in my own Columbus pain relief practice is 10% of your progress is what happens while you are at my office. The other 90% is the lifestyle choices that you are making in between your appointments with me. In other words, we do NOT "fix" anybody. We facilitate the process, but you fix yourself. I share a lot of affiliated Amazon product links to self care products and books on my website, blog and Facebook page to empower YOU, regardless of whether you are a client of mine or not.

There are two types of people who look for help with their pain. 

Those who see us as facilitators:

-Have realistic expectations

-Understand their role with self care in between appointments

-Show up to appointments without expectations and remain open to possibility

-They focus on symptom resolution, NOT the technique or modality, meaning they are open to everything and anything and will allow the facilitator to do whatever they think is necessary to help them on their pain relief journey

Those who see us as healers:

-Expect us to "fix" them

-Expect to be completely cured after only one session

-Do not want to participate in lifestyle changes that would improve treatment outcome

-Tell the therapist which of their techniques and modalities they can and cannot use on them. Sorry, folks, you will NOT get results with this mindset!

-Expect guarantees.

-Expect the therapist to know ahead of time which techniques they need. This can change moment to moment based on how you take to treatment.

I will give some examples:

I had a phone call from another therapist last week who wanted 100% guarantee that I could "fix" her and feels that anyone who cannot "fix" 100% of the population should not be licensed.

I had a woman calling about Neurokinetic therapy for her husband. Whenever someone calls me about one specific modality, I make sure that they understand that I combine modalities and techniques for symptom resolution and that I cannot guarantee that the specific modality they are requesting in necessarily what they are going to get or how much of it they are going to get. He wasn't open to my other modalities, so I kindly declined him as a client, knowing that he would not get desired symptom resolution.

I also had a lady with major jaw issues express her disappointment over starting out the session with tapping because she expected bodywork.

Here is how to get the most out of your wellness sessions with a therapist:

-Show up with zero expectations. It is a process.

-Allow the therapist to come up with your treatment plan by being open to everything and anything. If the therapist has tried a treatment or modality on you in the past that clearly does not work for you, that is when it is appropriate to speak up and say so. If you are new and haven't tried it before, then hear them out.

-Be prepared to do whatever it takes in between sessions to get better, even it that means turning your lifestyle completely upside down. Nothing moves forward without change.

-Make sure your therapist knows your entire history, not matter how insignificant you think that is it. I had two clients who had dysfunction in their hip coming from their eyes. I would not have thought to check them for that particular dysfunction if they had not told me they had been to the eye doctor earlier that day. They are both elderly. One of them told me that the older you get, the longer and more invasive an eye exam can be.

Make sure you have read their website before scheduling. We all work on pain in a different way. It is always best to speak directly to a therapist you have never been to before, even if they have online scheduling. DO NOT schedule a session online with a new therapist you have never been to before. Make sure they treat what you are seeing them for.  Massage  therapy has a very limited scope of practice. I have had people on occasion call me about conditions  that sounded serious enough for an orthopedic surgeon consult. I saved them the time and money by not scheduling them in the first place. Massage therapists do not treat acute injuries. That is out of our scope of practice.

-Only schedule appointments for yourself. Do NOT schedule a session via third party for a family member or friend for many of the reasons stated above. Those who are vested enough to schedule their own appointments are more likely to do the self care. If you have to schedule it for them, they are not vested enough to want the session. I always speak directly to the person that the appointment is for, in order to make sure we are on the same page and that they resonate with what I do.

Everyone that I treat in my office sees me as a facilitator. I speak with all new clients ahead of time in order to determine if it's a right match. I think I confuse people when I ask them questions, even after that have said they are ready to schedule an appointment. I get it. Most therapists only care about their pocket books and do not do this. But I do, so expect it 😃

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Is All Of Your Pain Really Yours? Maybe Not!

The layers that can cause us to feel pain in our physical bodies are many.  We all know that stress is a big one.  But what about other people's stress?  Do you notice feeling what is going on with other people as if it's your own?  Do you ever hear someone go on about their back pain, just for your back to start hurting after the conversation?  We live in a very linear culture that would try to lead you to believe that this is your imagination.  It is not your imagination.  Do you feel yourself feeling peaceful and calm during a traffic jam one minute, just to feel angry about it the very next minute?  That would be because it may not be your anger.  You might be feeling what is going on with the other drivers near you.

Do you feel energetic and chipper at home and then the second you are around people, you immediately feel drained?  This may not have anything to do with your physical health.  You might be an empath.  Some examples on how this can affect pain are numerous.  I will give examples that clients have shared with me:

-Being worried that once stress and pain in one area of the body leaves, where else in the body will it end up.

-I have tried everything from rocks, crystals and shields, and it only works for about 3 weeks and then stops working.

-Seeking a therapy treatment, feeling amazing afterward, just to feel bad once being around someone who mentions being in pain, e.g. I felt great after being worked on by you, then when I got into a conversation with someone who said their shoulder hurt, my shoulder really started to hurt and now I can barely exercise.

In my last blog post, I had recommended a book called, "Enlightenment Unveiled" by Jen Ward for those who stay stuck in their story about their pain and wish to move forward.  I follow Jen on Facebook and one thing that she emphasizes over and over again, is to never burden your friends and family with your problems.  It not only adds energy to the problem, but if the person happens to be an empath, then they just took on what you burdened them with.  Do you ever feel lousy after talking to a particularly negative person who seems like they always want something to complain about, and so you find yourself planning escape routes or trying to avoid them all together?  Then you might be an empath.

Those of you are are already familiar with being an empath, you may already know about rocks, crystals, shields, cleansing, etc.  It has been my personal experience and experience of clients that these things eventually stop working.  I was worked on by another energy worker who gave me her explanation as to why this is.  She said that on a Law of Attraction scale, we use these things out of fear and therefore attract more fear with the intention of needing to protect ourselves.  So, where do we go from here, you ask?  I also commonly hear that once an empath, that's just how it is and you always take on other people's stuff.  As an empath myself, I can tell you that there is more than one way of doing anything.  I am going to share a link to the book that helped myself and my clients gain control of this once as for all.

This book was written by a friend of mine, Sonia Gracescott.  The book is short, the exercises are stupidly simple and not at all what is normally discussed for taking control of your energy.  This book is why I rarely need to smudge my office anymore, but I will still do it if I know I have someone coming in who is particularly sensitive.  When attending Sonia's workshop, she stated that needing to carry around rocks and crystals means that you are not in control of your energy, but also does not recommend going cold turkey by immediately eliminating them, either.  Sonia also stated that she can now to to the grocery store and have enough control of her energy to make people want to back away from her.

Here is the link to her book:

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Do You Consider Yourself A "Hot Mess"? Have You Tried Everything For Your Pain, But Nothing Works?

More than likely, you might be staying stuck in your story.  Not sure what I mean by that?  How many of us believe that we are in a situation that we are unable to change either because that is how it always is or because someone else told us so.  Were you diagnosed with a medical condition and told it is permanent and would never go away?  Were you worked on by an energy worker who gave you way too many insights into what they saw and you adopted what they said as "truth"? I can't tell you how many times I see these two types of truth in my clinical practice.  Clients will say, "This how it hip will always be out of alignment, because this is how I was born" or "This is always a pattern because my reiki master saw it in a past life".  The only thing that both of these beliefs are guaranteed to do is keep you stuck in whatever you believe.

My suggestion for getting unstuck is not a guarantee of a diagnosis reversal, but it will get you moving forward, rather than backward.  In order for this to work, you have to be willing to work on yourself.  I have always believed that the most precious gift we can give anyone, is to work on ourselves.  Ever feel a shift in your mood before a massage vs. after or before a yoga class vs. after?  Our loved ones deserve us at our best.

When I see clients stuck in their pain, running the same story over and over again in every session or using phrases such as "yes, but", "I'm a hot mess" or "I have tried everything for my pain and nothing works", I know they are stuck in their story.  Do not put self blame on yourself for this.  It is not as simple as being consciously aware of it and just deciding you are not going to do it anymore.    It takes self work.

This book has a lot of tapping on just about every single topic that I can possibly think of.  The topics are very deep and of the metaphysical nature:

Friday, July 14, 2017

Reintregation For Healing and Moving Forward

Do you ever feel like no matter how hard you try or how hard you work, it is never enough?  Do you feel stagnant and blame yourself and beat yourself up for being "lazy"?  Do you feel like no matter how many treatments or therapists that you try, nothing works?  This is all more common than you think.  There can be any number of reasons for feeling stuck.

That was my story for many years while trying to find stuff that worked for the pain and injuries that I had.  Everything would work temporarily and then get worse.  I really beat myself up thinking it was something that I was doing.  I thought that I wasn't taking care of myself enough.  But the truth was, I booked the amount of sessions recommended and applied all of the self care advice that I was given.  I made it my personal goal to need to go less often, but ended up going more.  I am all for getting the amount of therapy that you need.  But I am not about unhealthy attachments of not moving forward and that is exactly what it felt like I was doing.  I have used numerous self care tools over the years in addition to mixing it up and seeing many professionals for different therapies.

The manual physical therapies were great for immediate pain relief.  But the relief never lasted.  I got the most benefit from modalities that went even deeper than the physical layer such as reiki, EFT (Tapping), meditation, etc.  Because the truth is, if you have unexplained pain, been to numerous therapists and nothing worked, that is NOT a coincidence.  In my own clinical practice, I love the challenge of cracking these difficult cases.  When someone has a history of unexplained pain and they have already tried everything else, I do NOT start them off with the physical manual therapies.  If I did, I would be financially taking advantage of them.   We start out with possible non physical layers FIRST.

I have been meditating to a CD lately that has helped me out so much, that it is too good NOT to share.  If you have ever heard of "soul retrieval", that is exactly what this CD does.  It regresses you to times in your life that were traumatic enough to make you want to "flee" and brings that fragmented part of yourself back.  When we lose parts of ourselves, it can prevent us from making forward strides in any area of our lives.  When I do this CD, I get clarity, new realizations and a sense of joy.  Most importantly, it is giving me my innocence back.  I was getting worried because I was becoming extremely ornery at only 44 years old.  It is my opinion that the older we get, the more we develop preconceived notions that if something always had the same result in the past, then it always will in the future as well.  We lose that fun sense of wonder.  I am going to list an Amazon link to the CD that I have been meditating to.  If the topic of looking into non physical components of pain resonates with you, check out my last blog post as well titled, "Self Care For Removing Energy Blockages".  I recommended a book in that blog post whose techniques I use almost everyday.  The techniques in that book are quick.  I left an Amazon link to the book in that blog post.  I will only mention one product per blog post, so not to overwhelm you, but feel free to read earlier blogs.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Self Care For Removing Energy Blockages

There is a lot that I do for myself in regard to self care.  I am only going to mention one self care tool per blog post, so not to overwhelm you with too much information at one time.  One particular technique that I use a lot throughout my day because it can be very fast and simple once you get the hang of it.  Like anything else new you learn, it may take some getting used to at first.  I am talking about what I learned in the book, "The Emotion Code" by Dr. Bradley Nelson.  I won't spoil the book for you, but I will provide an amazon link that takes you directly to the book.

I want to mention the creative ways in which I have used the techniques in the book.  The only limit is your imagination.  The Emotion Code can be used on any topic that you want, from knee pain, back pain, migraines, headaches, anger, fear, doubt, you name it.

I went on a weekend retreat recently to a spiritualist camp in Indiana called, "Camp Chesterfield".  Camp Chesterfield has many amazing mediums who live in cottages on the grounds.  The first weekend of every month, they have a psychic fair.  I sat for 10 minutes with an amazing medium who writes down important things from the reading.  She told me that if I did not remember anything else from her reading, to remember 3 important things that she wrote down for me.  Well, this self care junkie kept her list.  I have been using different techniques to work with these 3 things that she wrote down for me, but the Emotion Code is the one I used the most.  Within one single breath of using the techniques from this book, I would feel an immediate difference in perspective.  If something is bothering me to the point of being on my mind a lot, I would use the techniques in this book and within one breath, feel an immediate difference in my perspective on what was on my mind.  I would either see it differently, or never think of it again.  How many of you dwell on stuff that happened in the past, or worry that something will turn out bad, just for everything to be fine?  We all do it.  It's human nature.  For the longest time, it made me feel imprisoned because I didn't know what to do about it.  This book is one of many self care tools that I have been using to no longer feel imprisoned.  What does this have to do with pain and injuries, you ask me?  Oh, you would be surprised where you might feel the shifts in your body while using the amazing tools set out before you in this book.

Monday, July 10, 2017

What I Do For Relaxation

I talk enough about self care.  I want to change modes to relaxation.  The truth about self care is, it IS important.  However, it is also possible to obsess about it to the point of setting yourself back.  I am talking about the stress part of it.  If you are worried about outcome, then you may not be satisfied with the results, no matter how far you have come.  I have to remind clients all the time how far they have come, because they sometimes forget.  I am also speaking from personal experience as well.  I used to beat myself up, thought I wasn't taking good enough care of myself, etc.  and the stress made the pain and injuries WORSE!!!  So yes, do the self care with an open heart and open mind.  Set aside the expectations on where you think you should be on your journey.  Everyone's journey is too different to compare.  Celebrate what you can do, that you did not used to be able to do before.

Alright, enough of that.  Sometimes, the most therapeutic thing you can is unwind.  One of the things that I like to do is meditate while doing a full body scan.  I look for energy blockages, old memories, etc. that no longer serve me.  I just did this last night with my hip that frequently becomes unstable and needs repeated treatments.  I released a huge energy there and woke up today feeling more stable than I have in a long time.  There are times when NOT overthinking something gets the job done.

One of my favorite ways of shutting off monkey mind is gentle relaxation yoga.  My favorite yoga DVD that does that and always puts me to sleep 100% of the time is Candlelight Yoga: