Thursday, June 1, 2017

How To Stay On Track While Traveling

On the eve of my first travels for the summer, I want to pass along tips on how to stay on track while you are traveling.  This is stuff that I do as well as tips that I pass along to clients while they are in my office.  As we all know, exercising has benefits that far surpass weight loss and weight maintenance.  The reason that I am anal about keeping a routine on the road has nothing to do with weight.  It is my therapy mentally, emotionally and physically.  It keeps me out of pain and helps me stay properly aligned.  These tips may not necessarily be right for everyone, depending on their circumstances.  My hope for you by writing this blog, in to inspire you to figure out what does work for you.  Years ago, when exercise VHS tapes were the extent of technology, I was anal about making sure I got in a workout the day of departure, knowing I would not get in a workout while gone.  This was when I used to stay with the people I was visiting.  The problem with this was, the impact of being in the car or plane for several hours still caused me quite a bit of physical discomfort, lack of privacy from staying with the people we were visiting would almost always either erupt into an argument or frustration from holding in anger and resentment.  So what is it that I do differently now?  This is meant as sharing what I do, NOT meant as straight forward advice, as everyone's experiences are different.

1) First of all, if I stay with the people I am visiting, instead of at a hotel, I will get off track.  None of the other stuff that I do will be possible without this very first important step.  I DO NOT stay with the people I am visiting anymore.  My husband and I get our own hotel room during the duration of the stay.  This first step is important to me because time to myself in a way that is not considered rude to hosts, is how I stay on track while traveling.

2) Now that we are in the modern age of technology that is more sophisticated than an exercise VHS tape, I am able to take my workouts with me on the road.  This has significantly lessened the impact that being in a car or plane for a long period of time has on my body.  I have two yoga apps and an exercise digital download in my ipad.  I pick what I take on the road with me based on NOT needing to pack a lot of equipment.  I have a travel yoga towel that I keep in my suitcase at all times.  One side of it has a grippy surface and the other side is like a towel surface.  I pack that, a yoga block and a yoga strap.  That's it!!!!  The exercise digital download that I have is a combination of cardio and strength training with the only piece of fitness equipment used is a resistance band.  That's it!!!!  No need to lug around a bunch of stuff.  If you know you will always have access to WiFi while traveling, you can find just about anything on YouTube.  I don't always have access to WiFi and I'm a value over price type of person, so the apps and digital download were money well spent for me.

3)  I plan in advance.  I wake up early enough to get in my yoga or workout when I first wake up, so that it is done for the day.  Then I don't get too busy or engrossed in something that will stop me from being able to do it.  By staying in a hotel, I get my me time without being rude to my hosts.  I not only feel better physically, but I am much calmer and in a better mood and have more energy. Traveling used to drain my energy before I started working out on the road.  My husband and I will sometimes go for a walk through the neighborhood of whoever we are visiting midday as well, if the opportunity presents itself.

4)  Since traveling tends to make my low back compress and feel very tight, I carry a sacral wedgy and a craniocradle with me.  Both are small and easy to pack.  Instructions on how to use both are included with the products.

5)  Staying at a hotel is not only easier on me, but also easier on our hosts as well.  Being a guest or a host is very stressful when you are together 24/7.  I can tell that our hosts are a lot more relaxed ever since we started staying at hotels.  They were offended in the beginning.  I think this was based on upbringing.  But it is obvious by how much more relaxed they are, that they secretly prefer this arrangement as well.

6)  Last, but not least, staying on track on the road keeps me on track when I get back home.  When I used to travel in the past, it was hard for me to get back on my exercise track when I first got back home, then I would go days to weeks after I got back without doing it.  This is no longer the case now that I take them with me on the road.