Sunday, May 21, 2017

Bad Days Can Happen After You Have Been Out of Pain

It is OK to have a bad day.  We're not all sunshine and unicorns 24/7.  You can come a long way in your rehabilitation and still get surprised by something coming back that you thought you were over with a long time ago.  It happens!  Yesterday was one of those days for me.  I woke up in a bad mood and in pain, feeling grouchy, wanting my space, wanting quiet with no interaction.  Except that doesn't happen when you're not the only one who lives there.  My day started off with waking up feeling tired.  I wanted to go back to sleep.  I also wanted to make sure I had a chance to lay on my inversion board before my husband claimed the couch, since I lay my inversion board against the couch.  So inversion board it was.  As soon as I layed on it,  I instantly noticed problems that I used to have years ago were back.  This has not happened in a very long time.  Luckily, I can do Voila Method of structural joint balancing on myself.  I balanced out what I could while laying on my board.  With Voila, position matters, though.  Certain things still didn't feel right throughout my day, so I spent my day sleuthing off and on.  Fast forward to later on that day when I got out a yoga DVD to do.  It was an intense hour and a half practice that I normally love.  I wasn't loving it this time.  I was feeling frustrated.  I kept correcting things off and on, but could not figure out why my right hip still hurt.  It hasn't hurt this bad in a very long time.  My husband was on the couch and I was on the floor in front of the TV doing my yoga.  He could tell I did not listen to my body when I chose the yoga practice that I did for that day.  He encouraged me to shut it off an hour in, which I quickly did.  I never do that!  Fast forward to later on that night.  We had decided to give me the night off of cooking and go to my favorite restaurant to cheer me up.  While getting ready to leave, I remembered what my chiropractor said he corrected for my right hip in my last appointment with him.  I assessed that it was back and corrected it.  Bingo!  No more right hip pain.  Went out and had a nice dinner and nice conversation.  I woke up this morning feeling great.  I had plenty of sleep, layed on my board, but everything felt pretty normal, only maybe one or two corrections.  The amount of yoga that I did do yesterday felt like it paid off.

What I do for self care:

What I do from home: I break it up throughout the week between strength training, cardio and yoga.  Being able to get back into cardio and strength training after getting away from it many years ago is only possible for me due to a combination of being able to do self Voila corrections and no longer eating the foods that I am sensitive enough to to give me bad reactions.

The people that I see for sessions:  An LMT for Voila/Neurokinetic therapy, a chiropractor, a craniosacral therapist and a Thai yoga massage practitioner.  The first three I see once a month for maintenance.  The Thai yoga massage practitioner I have been seeing every couple of weeks since I am new to seeing her and that is her professional opinion on how often I need it for now.  I pace myself and don't do all of this at once.

The people that I see maintain treatment results:

Those who understand that 90% of treatment results are what they are doing in between sessions and actually follow up with self care.

The people that I don't see maintain treatments results:

Those who don't or can't workout.

It is a process.  Sometimes people who were getting somewhere in their therapy will abandon treatments due to expecting instant gratification and will later on tell me they opted for a shot or something instead. I have never had shots, but clients of mine who have said they stop working.  Here is my question for you.  What are your treatment goals?  Do you want it fast or do you want it done right?  It is like peeling away layers of an onion.  When people expect instant gratification, it's not their fault that they expect that.  Our culture teaches us results should always be permanent based on what insurance companies will and will not cover.