Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Why I Choose To Continue Care Now That I Am Pain Free

I am a big picture person who can see down the road what my life will be like, based on the decisions that I make today.  I see 3 different people once a month for maintenance, whether I feel like I need it or not.  I get craniosacral therapy, Voila/NeuroKinetic Therapy and chiropractic.  We constantly do things throughout the day, week, month, etc. that our body is constantly reacting to.  Everyone that I see for care, finds stuff that could have turned into disability for me later on down the road, even if I am not in any obvious pain.  Seeing them once a month like clockwork is cheaper for me than waiting for the pain to come back.  When you wait for pain to come back, it will always be worse than you initially think and you will have to continue going at least once a week for a while, in order for going at all to be worth your time and money.  Otherwise, you have flushed your money down the toilet.  I like knowing my money is well spent.  To me, it is well spent when I know I am doing what self care that I need to do on my own in between appointments.  This saves me money on how often I need to go.  I also like to know I have done my homework before reaching out for professional help because every professional I know, doesn't like working with clients who don't do self care.  They care and really want you to get better and will not take advantage of you.

I will give some examples of big picture moments for me:
Years ago, when I wanted to lose a significant amount of weight, I joined a weight loss center.  I tried doing it on my own several times and had to come to the realization that I could not do it alone.  Best decision of my life.  I had several friends tell me they would like to if they could afford it.  What?????  I couldn't either.  But my mind was made up that I was going to make it work and I did.  I couldn't afford not to.  At the time I joined, that was the only health insurance that I had.  If I got sick, I couldn't go to the doctor.  I come from a family of heart disease, diabetes, etc.  But I also don't blame my genetics since I have seen what they eat and what little else they do.  Even with good insurance, I spend less money on self care than my family does on doctors visits, prescriptions, etc.  When something is a priority, amazing how quickly I can suddenly afford it. 

Another example:  My husband had a cousin across the country who was getting married.  Everyone else in our area of the country was going, so we were being pressured as well.  As a big picture person, I knew that plane tickets, hotel and special clothes to wear were the expenses we could plan for, but I also know unexpected stuff you don't know to plan for happens as well.  Even the stuff we could plan for was not smart for out budget, so I told my husband we were not going.  His family is sentimental, so my husband still really wanted to go, until he was the price of a plane ticket just for him.  He quickly saw my point of view.  His brother really wanted everyone to go and said they would help anyone who couldn't.  Once his brother saw the cost of a plane ticket, he went alone, leaving his wife and kids behind.  When his family skyped us in during the reception, all we heard was how much trouble it was to get there and how unexpectedly expensive it was.  I think I was able to see this ahead of time because my Mom is the same way.  My side of the family would have never had this expectation for everyone to go.

The point of this, is to encourage you to weigh pros and cons when determining your needs.  Where is your money best spent.  Think about that.  Be it and then go for it.  Are you doing it for yourself, or for someone else.  The reason I don't book clients via third party, is because if they are doing it for someone who is coercing them to come and not for themselves, that never goes well.  If you discontinue treatment that has worked well for you, does that mean that everything will un-work itself back out and leave you where you were before treatment?  What a huge waste of money!