Saturday, July 16, 2016

What Type of Exercise Helps Maintain Treatment Results?

I am going to tell you right off the bat, that I am not a fitness expert.  Everything that I mention in this post is my personal and professional opinion based on my own workout experience as well as what I have seen in my office and from what I have learned from my colleagues.  I am also going to tell you, that despite how great Voila for structural joint balancing and neurokinetic therapy are for maintaining long term results, my own treatments would not last if I did not have a solid workout plan.

The 2 types of people that I have NOT seen maintain long term treatment results:

1)  Couch potatoes

2)  Those who workout from ego rather than mindfulness

What I mean by the second one, is those who push themselves beyond what is healthy.  Did you know that pushing yourself beyond shaking shuts off muscle function?  That's right!  This leads to chronic pain and dysfunction.  Seeing someone like me is the only thing you can do about it because it does not come back on its own.  Listening to your body about how far to push yourself makes you much less likely to injure yourself!

I am primarily a yoga person myself.  I mix it up and do different styles of yoga.  Yoga is the most perfect system for me.  I feel aligned afterward as well as centered, grounded and calm.  Yoga is not just a bunch of stretching.  There are styles of yoga out there that challenge your strength and will make you sweat buckets.  Some styles are slow and gentle.  Others are fast moving and will challenge your cardiovascular fitness.  In addition to yoga, I belly dance, walk, hike and I do once a week step aerobics/sculpting for the purpose of cross training.  I feel that the step aerobics/sculpting improves my yoga practice.  I like hiking out in nature on a beautiful day.  All of that climbing makes my hips feel in more alignment afterward.  I make it a point to get outside for walks and hikes year round.  I have noticed a rarely get sick since making it a point not to hibernate with indoor only workouts in the wintertime.  I bundle up and still get a good sweat.  And guess what?  No more seasonal affective disorder for me anymore, either.

I have never tried cross fit or boot camp.  Several of my colleagues have told me that the only thing cross fit and boot camp are good for is business for people like us.  It is the opinion of my colleagues that these workouts are an injury waiting to happen.

I purposely stay away from anything high impact such as running , jogging, etc.  It is my personal opinion that high impact exercise has a place NEVER and can cause major joint damage that you don't recover from.

Most of my indoor workouts are to DVDs, but I also like to go to yoga classes at Grow Yoga in Grandview, OH and I also have personal fitness coaching with Jane Stauffer of The New Lifestyle in Hilliard, OH.  Jane and I like doing step aerobics and sculpting together.  I also have some DVDs of stepping and sculpt when I am not working out with Jane.  I also own numerous yoga DVDs.  I also have a couple of yoga apps on my ipad and always keep a travel yoga mat in my suitcase at all times when I am on the road.  Doing yoga first thing when I wake up while traveling gives me energy and focus and my low back and hips don't bother me from the long road trips when I make sure that I get it in.