Monday, May 9, 2016

How Much of Our Pain is Really Ours?

We talk about physical, mental, emotional and spiritual pain that is ours until we're blue in the face.  But does that really cover everything?  Not even close!  In addition to offering manual therapies that help people achieve long term results in ways that traditional soft tissue work often fails, the real reason my clients are recovering long term, is because I address the whole person.  I also work within the non physical aspects of chronic pain with reiki, tapping and craniosacral therapy.  We already are aware of having our own issues from the past in regard to stress and trauma.  But did you know that most of the stuff that I help clients heal isn't even theirs to begin with?  That's right!  We can carry stuff from friends, family members and even ancestors that have passed on before we were born.  I read an article on the internet not too long ago about family members of Holocaust survivors carrying trauma from the Holocaust as if they were there themselves.

I met a local lady, Sonia Gracescott, who is an expert on how we carry on stress and trauma of others.  She said that everyone is an empath.  She said we are all on different spectrum on being on empath.  Some people are more sensitive than others.  Do you ever feel happy and joyful, just to walk into a room and immediately feel sad or feel like you could cut the tension with a knife?  Do you have a hard time being in crowds of people without becoming drained or anxious or feel like you are going to panic?  Do you carry the same physical pain as a friend or family member?  Does it seem like no matter how many specialists you see, as soon as someone mentions their own pain, you suddenly have the same pain?  These are all examples of being an empath.

The reason why this is such an important topic, is because can cause major problems from panic, anxiety and chronic pain.  This is a a topic you won't hear about in the chronic pain world.  The reason why, is because it requires an open mind.  Many would consider this topic metaphysical.  I would not have the success rate with clients that I do, if I did not work with them on all aspects, instead of just the physical.

If you are wondering what can be done about it, Sonia has written a very short book with direct and easy exercises that can be applied anytime in any place.  I have read the book and applied the exercises.  It contains the most effective thing that I have applied to date. The book is called, "Everyday Empath" by Sonia Gracescott and it is available on Amazon.