Saturday, March 19, 2016

What the Voila Method of Structural Joint Balancing has personally done for me!

I learned a new modality less than a year ago called, "The Voila Method of Structural Joint Balancing".  It is a new modality that has been being taught for a year.  It is different from any other modality out there and will challenge everything that we thought we knew about the body, especially the muscles.  As massage therapists, we're taught that muscles and fascia are a cause of so many pain problems.  I have often wondered about the opposite being true.  I have always suspected the muscles and fascia of being a symptom, rather than a cause.  The reason why, is because the problem usually comes back more often than not.  This can be true of any new modality that your body is getting used to, but should not continue to be the case week after week over several months or years.  One example that I will give:  When I was a new therapist and traditional massage was my training and how a treated pain, I did a chair massage on a woman whose muscles felt to me like she either never had a massage before or hadn't had one for months.  When I questioned her about it, she told me that she gets neuromuscular therapy every single week.  Neuromuscular therapy is a combination of trigger point therapy and myofascial release. When she told me that, it took all the self control that I had to keep my jaw from hitting the floor.  When I questioned her about the therapist, the therapist is an excellent veteran therapist with a lot of training and experience.  How in the world can someone who gets therapeutic massage every single week from a very skilled and competent therapist, be that tight?  I pondered this for years, because I still think about that lady to this day.  As well as several other clients who saw me for the same symptoms every single massage.  I experienced the same thing on a personal level.  Every therapist I was seeing had way more education and experience than I did, that's why I went to them.  But the problem ALWAYS came back.  I was compliant with how often I went and with the self care advice that I was given.  NONE OF IT WORKED!!!!!!

The Voila Method of Structural Joint Balancing has nothing to do with muscles or fascia.  It is a simple system with very little for the therapist to memorize.  Voila works with the body's electrical system to correct loss of equilibrium.  The premise of Voila is that structure dictates function.  When the equilibrium is balanced, secondary muscle aches and pains often work themselves out.  It is a very gentle and light touch modality.  Balancing out the structure first, is like straightening out the frame of a car that has been in an accident BEFORE putting in the windshield.  Then, if you still need to work on muscles, you already have the structure balanced first.

I just came back from my second Voila class.  The therapist is able to do Voila on themselves, which is another thing that is unique about this modality.  Since coming back from my class, my chronic hip pain is almost gone.  My neck feels very balanced and loose.  Massage therapists were not able to loosen my neck.  It used to be an impossible hot mess.  My back and alignment feels much more balanced and straight.  I don't get back pain anymore.  Uneven hips, one foot digging deeper into the floor than the other, were two problems that no matter how many people I saw for it, they weren't addressing it and some of them weren't even listening to me, telling me that wasn't the problem.  I knew anything else they did to me would unravel and come back if that wasn't addressed and guess what?  I was right.  Once I learned Voila, my attitude was, "Fine, I'll do it myself"!  So many gentle a subtle ways of working with structures and the results I have been getting with myself and clients.  And with Voila, we use kinesiology muscle testing to ask the body questions.  This means always being listened to.  That's how the assessment works.  It has corrected so many things with me that nothing else would.  I even had a PTA friend do some of the more sophisticated manual therapy techniques on me such as muscle energy techniques and joint mobilizations.  The problem was always back by the next day.  I was compliant with the exercises she gave me and she worked on me every single week.  IT DIDN'T WORK!!!!  Many people are skeptical of Voila.  If you're in pain, you can't afford NOT to being open to something different.  If I were to not try anything I never heard of, I would still be in excruciating pain.

Voila is a very gentle and subtle modality.  It is a light touch modality.  It can easily look like the therapist isn't doing anything, until you feel how different you feel afterward.