Thursday, February 4, 2016

What Do the Organs Have To Do With Massage?

We already know that everything in the body is connected.  I am constantly amazed at the new things that I learn on a daily basis.  Some of it I learn in classes, other therapists, clients, and from working on myself.  The organs can absolutely be a cause of chronic pain that can manifest as tight muscle.  If you have chronic pain that won't resolve, no matter what you have tried, this is certainly something to look into.  I will give some examples, using myself as an example:

The first time that I went to my chiropractor, my pain complaints were right shoulder and right hip.  He told me that was my digestive system and that my only homework was to keep a food diary.  I did it to rule it out, not expecting to find anything.  Boy was I in for a big surprise!  When I wrote down what I was eating, I was able to notice instant flare ups after eating certain foods.  Once I figured out what caused my pain and stopped eating the irritating foods, the majority of my pain was gone.  The chiropractor told me that the right hip is where the digestive system starts and the right shoulder is where the gallbladder is.  Before I changed my diet, anything that anyone tried to do for my shoulder pain and hip alignment, was temporary.  As a matter of fact, while I was still ruling out foods, I noticed that what I normally ate for breakfast made my hip pull back out of alignment.  It happened instantly and I could feel it as it was happening.  Other foods made my shoulder hurt so bad, that it burned to the point of excruciating for several hours.

Another example of another organ that affected more than I realized, was my uterus.  Years ago, I was diagnosed with a tipped uterus by a gynecologist.  The ultra sound tech told me it was tipped backward.  I did my research online and learned that being tipped backward can give you a round belly, like the early stage of a pregnancy.  Well, ever since learning Voila Method for structural joint balancing, I decided to assess myself, in regard to the tipped uterus.  As soon as I did the assessment and balanced my head, pressure on my low back and hips that I had for years was gone in an instant.  Now this took some experimenting and more assessing, in order to get it to stick.  For the first few days, it kept coming back.  I knew it by the pressure on my back and hips.  I got the bright idea and check the muscle directly in front of it called the transverse abdominus muscle.  As soon as I assessed that muscle and balanced my head, I immediately felt like someone had put me in a pair of control top underwear and that pressure on my low back and hips hasn't been back since.  Instant relief on my whole lower body from my low back and hips down to my feet.  I am also standing much straighter.  My chiropractor acknowledged noticing a big difference in my posture and the way that I stand.  

Never discredit different sources of pain and never discredit what body work can do to help.  My situation was easy to address since I am healthy.  If the organ is diseased, you need to get that checked by a medical professional first.