Sunday, January 10, 2016

Foundation of Your House-Why Structural Joint Balancing is Important

You wouldn't put a new windshield in a car with a banged up frame from an accident, would you?  This is a similar concept to working on muscles and fascia without making sure you joint structures are balanced.  One way this can be addressed is with "Voila for Structural Joint Balancing".  The way that Voila is different from other modalities, is it is very gentle and works directly at the level of your equilibrium and craniosacral pumps, in order to provide the most long term relief possible.  If you picture a totem pole, the equilibrium is the top of the totem pole and the muscles and fascia are on the bottom of the totem pole.  The higher up you work on the totem pole, the more long term results are to last.  Voila also works deeply, on an energetic level and at the level of the nervous system.  Clients have reported getting relief in ways they never thought possible, after years of seeing different medical professionals for several different types of treatments.

The one takeaway from this, is to make sure that you are properly assessed.  Proper assessment should include discussing your health history in detail, in order to be able to come up with a proper treatment plan for you.  Many people are used to going to a massage therapist, going over health history briefly, if at all, and them getting on the table for a massage.  If your goals are long term pain relief, instead of relaxation, you need more time and attention to detail than this.  I was not taught proper assessment or evaluation in massage school.  This all came over time through a series of several continuing education classes.

My assessments entail muscle testing, in order to determine where something is really coming from.  When assessing a hip that wasn't functioning, Voila assessment showed the problem coming from the nose.  Once that was taken care of, the hip was able to move properly and pain gone.  My clients are fully clothed throughout the entire treatment so that they can get into different positions for assessment easily and move around in order to give proper feedback on the effectiveness of the treatment.  Once the joint structures are balanced, then I use neurokinetic therapy muscle testing to work directly on muscle and fascia that may still need attention, after the joint structures are balanced.  Neurokinetic therapy tests whether or not a muscle is functioning properly.  If it isn't, I find the muscle that is compensating for it and massage the compensating muscle, in order to get it properly functioning again.  Again, this is with the purpose of long term results.  I often find foot pain coming from the neck, and massage the neck, in order to get rid of the foot pain.  A foot massage would have only provided short term results at best, if the problem were coming from someplace else.

When seeking out a massage therapist for pain relief, make sure they are well educated on proper assessment.  If all you are doing is getting undressed and getting on the massage table without any assessment, you are receiving a relaxation massage.