Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Importance of Muscle Function

The importance of muscle function goes much more deeply than being able to move physically with ease.  It really can affect the whole person.  We'll talk about the importance of the physical layer first.  Many things can cause our bodies to over compensate.  It's a fact of life that we do not do anything symmetrically.  One example is that I often work with dental hygienists who have their spine shifted more to one side, than the other, due to leaning off to the side to clean teeth for several hours a day.  Our bodies adapt to the way that we move throughout the day.  That is how we are able to continue doing what we do.  This becomes a problem when it turns into chronic pain.  Chronic pain usually means movement dysfunction as well, although there can be many layers to chronic pain. 

Muscle function can shut off like a light switch.  The good news is, that it can often be turned back on just as easily.   So, we already know that improper muscle function can create chronic pain and movement dysfunction.  However, chronic pain and movement dysfunction can affect other layers of our being as well.  People who are moving much more easily with less pain have also reported having more energy, better mood and better sleep.  Those who are open to receiving some of the mind/body modalities such as reiki and other forms of energy work have often received results that are quick.