Sunday, June 7, 2015

Do You Make Your Decisions on Healthcare Based on Who Takes Insurance? Read Why That Could Be a Big Mistake!

One of the first things that many people will ask, is whether or not I accept insurance.  I do not believe that I would be able to get anyone well if I did.  Insurance companies decide what is covered and what isn't.  They also decide whether or not to pay the therapist at all, and if they do, they are lucky if they see $20 of it 6 months down the road.  They also draw the line on the amount of time spent.  Those of us who run cashed based practices are more likely to stay competitive in our skill set.  We are more likely to take a lot of continuing education, even at the expense of traveling across the country, in order to offer cutting edge pain therapies unknown to our area of practice.  This is reflected in our fees, in order to be able to continue offering this level of skill set.  People who work in insurance accepted professions take continuing ed too.  They have to, in order to keep their licensure up to date.  However, many of them that I have met, are only willing to take classes that are accepted for keeping up their licenses and many only take the required amount and then stop.  Then some of the classes I have seen some of them take are not even real seminars.  They are those joke of a one day lecture that doesn't even teach them anything and only makes them prove they were there for credit. Then there are those of us who take what we know works, regardless of credits.  As of this writing, my state does not have a continuing ed requirement for massage therapists.  I do it for the love of my profession and for my continued commitment to offering the best that I can find.   Everything that I have done for my own pain relief, would not be covered by my insurance.  If I dismissed everyone who didn't accept insurance, I would be in worse pain now, than I was years ago.  Next time you look for someone to help you with pain relief, make your decision based on what you know that you need.