Thursday, May 28, 2015

How Does Perception Affect Wellness?

Is what makes us well and what doesn't truth, or is it our own perception of what we believe will work?  This question is deep and there are no right or wrong answers.  I see many different types of clients in the therapeutic community, but the 2 types that I tend to notice the most, are those who are open to something different and want a recommendation from the therapist, and those who come in with what they want already in mind, regardless of therapist recommendation.  Which camp do you fall in?  Being open to something different is my idea of truth and not being open to something different is my idea of perception.  Wellness is already very subjective.  There are as many definitions of wellness as there are people.  I will be honest.  I have never been able to help anyone who comes in with set expectations about which therapeutic tools and modalities that I should use on them.  Just like when I see a therapist, I have no idea what I need from them.  I just tell them where I hurt and let them get to work. This is NOT the same thing as giving us feedback.  We need the feedback, in order to come up with a treatment plan.  You will not hurt the therapist's feelings by telling them that their treatment did not work.  We need to know this.  Communication is important.

 Being open to something different has opened up so many doors for me, both personally and professionally.  I am much healthier as a result AND it has also led me to some wonderful continuing education opportunities in unknown, cutting edge pain relief techniques that work 1000 times better than traditional therapeutic massage.  This benefits me and everyone who comes to see me. 

I see another massage therapist, who does the neurokinetic therapy that I also offer.  It has always worked better for me, than any other modality to date.  My clients are benefiting as well.  However, no matter how great of a tool that we think that we have, there is always something out there that is better.  That's why massage therapists are NOT a dime a dozen.  You may need more than one person's approach.  I go to different body workers, based on my needs.  The last time that I went in for my neurokinetic therapy session, I got a very pleasant surprise.  My therapist had recently taken a class called, "Voila for Structural Balancing".  She did mostly Voila on me with a little bit of neurokinetic therapy.  I was so sold on the class that I am driving all the way from Columbus, OH to Kansas City to take when she told me that she is getting phenomenal results in ways that she never had before.  I was also very impressed by the way that I felt afterward.  I felt much more stable with better balance.  The sad part is that she told me she doesn't get to use her Voila or neurokinetic therapy on very many clients, because her clients are not open to trying something different, that could be a lot more effective for them. 

The next time that you see a therapist, make sure that your treatment plan matches your goals.  As long as you do that, everything else should fall into place for you.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

When Treatment and Healing Are Not the Same

When I seek out people to help me on my healing journey, my goal for myself is long term results.  When only short term results are obtained, there can be any of number of reasons why.  Lifestyle is one possible reason.  If you keep doing the same thing that you have always done, you will get the same results every single time.  Some things can be helped and some are just a part of life.  I am very open minded about trying different people out if I realize that I am only getting short term results over a long period of seeing the therapist a lot.  And if something else works better, then I start doing that and stop doing the stuff that clearly doesn't work for me.

What I am used to seeing in the therapeutic community is quite different.  I sometimes see people who see the same therapists every single week for years.  There isn't anything wrong with that as long as it's the best that works for you.  That can happen sometimes.  However, this is rare.  I can't tell you how many times I have seen people try something different, that works 1000x better than what they are used to, when their regular therapist is away, just to return to them and drop the other person who was really able to make a difference, once they return.  This is what those of us who practice energy work call a "secondary gain" for not healing.  A secondary gain is an emotional block that can keep us from healing.  Some people are attached to the therapist, rather than the outcome.  They look forward to seeing the person and treat it like a social gathering.

My style of pain relief that I offer clients is neurokinetic therapy.  It works with the motor control center of the brain.  It is muscle testing that shows me if a muscle is functioning at full capacity.  If it isn't, I massage the muscle that is compensating for it, in order to the the non functioning muscle functioning properly again.  Directly massaging the muscle that isn't functioning can only produce short term results, since that will make more compensation patterns appear.  Many people, including myself, get long term results, where traditional soft tissue work has failed.  If someone is seeing multiple therapists, that can sometimes create a challenge in their treatments.  The reason why this is, is because neurokinetic therapy and traditional soft tissue work can sometimes contradict each other and cancel each other out.  That means that if I get someone's motor control working better, the results may only last until the next person gets their hands on them.  This happened to me, since I also receive treatments.  I went to someone I have been seeing for years, who practices traditional soft tissue work, in between my neurokinetic therapy treatments.  It brought back pain and dysfunction that I forgot that I used to have.  I stopped going to her after that.  Those types of decisions mean that the person truly wants to heal.  However, if you insist on seeing the same person for years, regardless of results, ask yourself why.  Those types of decisions can prevent healing from happening.  I have seen many people make that decision, who really don't care if there is something else out there that may work better for them.  Next time you go into your therapy treatment, ask yourself: Do I want to heal?