Tuesday, April 8, 2014

How Emotions Can Affect Pain

The mind, body and spirit are all connected.  If one is out of balance, it will certainly affect the other components as well.  I know on my own pain relief journey, receiving reiki was a major part healing of my physical pain.  If you have physical pain, think back to what happened when you first started to notice the pain.  Were there any major life events, accidents, change in relationships, etc.?  Think back to how you felt when this happened.  Emotions are energy.  They can just as easily stay with us as, but the good news is that they can just as easily be removed.  Receiving energy work such as reiki, craniosacral therapy and other mind body modalities can certainly help.  Reiki is energy work that works within the unseen energy body.  Craniosacral therapy takes you back to the point of trauma to release stuck energy from the trauma.

In addition to receiving energy work from another practitioner, there are things that we can do for ourselves in between sessions to enhance our healing.  I will list off some of my favorites that have helped me with great success.  I love emotional freedom technique (EFT for short).  I also love the emotion code.

"The Tapping Solution" by Nick Ortner
This book teaches about emotional freedom technique.  I love how detailed the book is about how to take yourself back to past events.  You tap on acupuncture points while repeating certain phrases.  I have noticed a big shift in my energy and emotions when I do this.  I also took a couple of continuing education classes from a physical therapist who uses this in his clinical practice when nothing else that he does works.

"The Emotion Code" by Bradley Nelson
This book teaches you how to use muscle testing to find where an emotional blockage is and teaches you how to erase it with a magnet.  I also like this and notice a big difference in my energy and emotions when I do this.  Be careful with the use of magnets as there are contraindications such as pacemakers.

If you search You Tube for "emotional freedom technique", there are many free videos that will take you through how to do it.  Many of them go over specific emotions and specific life events.  Some are more basic.