Saturday, August 24, 2013

Head Trauma, Oral Surgery or Orthodontia - Misaligned Cranial Bones

Many of us have had falls and/or oral surgery or braces.  When this happens, our cranial bones can become misaligned.  The fall doesn't necessarily have to happen on the head.  If you fall down on your behind, what happens at the pelvis affects the head as well.  When cranial bones become misaligned it can affect a number of things from focus and concentration to hip and back pain.  It can mimic learning problems and headaches.  One thing that can help improve this is craniosacral therapy.  Many people who have had concussions, traumatic brain injury, etc. can really benefit from craniosacral therapy.  People who play wind instruments also need to have their cranial bones adjusted, especially from inside of the mouth. Craniosacral therapy is a light touch manual modality that uses pressure no heavier than the weight of a nickel to affect change.  One of the many things that craniosacral therapy can do is gently realign the cranial bones.  When I do craniosacral therapy, I listen to your body and help your body to re correct on its own.  Our bodies have a craniosacral rhythm that is as equally important as the heart rate and respiratory rate.  I tune into this rhythm, which is how I help the body to self correct on its own.   When I receive craniosacral therapy, I do notice a big difference in focus and concentration and it also relieves my migraines.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Client Stories - The Amazing Effects of Massage, Reiki and Craniosacral Therapy

I have 3 amazing client stories that I am going to share with you today.  One is for massage, more specifically manual therapy for postural correction, one for reiki and one for craniosacral therapy.

Manual Therapy Client Story: I had a woman come see me for foot pain.  Her podiatrist had told her that surgery would be inevitable, but she still wanted to see what massage therapy could do for her.  She had mentioned feeling like she compensates at her hip and that her hips feel like they are misaligned.  I looked at her posture and noticed that her hips and back were misaligned.  Since I look for the source of the problem, I never once went anywhere near her foot during this treatment.  I knew right away, that the deep core muscles were the cause of what she came to see me for. The deep core muscles can make the hips become misaligned when they are tight, often mimicking a leg length difference among other problems.  I spent her session working on different muscles of her abdomen.  Many of the spots that were tight, the client mentioned feeling it radiate to the part of her foot that hurt.  After her session, she mentioned her alignment feeling straight and she looked straight too.  I also gave her some information about a restorative exercise program designed by a foot specialist.  When the client saw me again at a later time for a regular massage, she told me that she was able to tell her podiatrist that her foot no longer hurts.  She had been using this restorative foot program that I told her about in addition to my treatment.

Reiki Client Story: I had a woman come see me because she was experiencing 4 different types of headaches simultaneously for the past week.  Even though that can sometimes be muscular, the areas that she said were hurting her didn't not make sense to what I know about the muscles.  I  recommended that we try reiki.  Reiki is a light energy work modality that goes to the source of an issue.  It can bring up old emotions and memories.  She went back to a traumatic incident that happened when she was 4 years old. The reiki not only got rid of her headaches that never returned, but she noticed a difference in her personality too.  Her parents told her that up until she was 4, she was the outgoing type who would take to anyone.  After that, she became quite shy.  She reported to me later that she no longer felt shy anymore.

Craniosacral Therapy Client Story: I had a man come to me because he had been experiencing a pain in his thigh that he described as feeling like a bee sting.  He was very concerned as this very same symptom happened to his mother and she gradually had gotten to the point that she could no longer walk.  He suspected that he needed something that works directly with the nervous system, which craniosacral therapy does.  He reported to me afterward that the pain was 80% gone and his hips and back had felt significantly straighter as if he had an adjustment and his mood was much brighter.  He kept telling me that craniosacral therapy is not marketed enough.  He's right.  It's not.