Tuesday, October 25, 2011

How Often Should I get a Massage?

How often should I get a massage?  The answer to this question is that you want to stay on top of your pain and stress.  If you wait until it comes back, it's too late and will take several treatments to get rid of all that is there.  For example, if you're pain usually comes back in a month, we may want to schedule your massage every 2 weeks at least.  One thing that I have learned about budgeting for massage financially is that staying on top of it actually costs less in the long run than only coming in when you're in pain.  The reason why is because by the time your in pain, the tightness has been there months or years.  It takes a while to feel the pain because muscle is tight for a long time by the time it impinges on the nerves enough for you to feel it.  This can make listening to your body about how often to get worked on tricky.  My clients who see me regularly are paying less than my clients who wait until they are in pain.  The reason why is because it takes more than one session to get rid of the pain, and the treatments have to be close together in order for the old stuff that was previously worked out to not come back before the next treatment..  Also, when deciding how long of a session to book, keep in mind that the tightness that causes the pain can come from more areas of your body than where you feel it.  My clients who book 90 minute sessions are paying less money for massage than my 60 minute clients because they don't need to be seen as often.  If you're wondering how often you should get a massage, ask your massage therapist and listen to your body about what you need to stay on top of it without the pain coming back.